With Hiving lotteries, you really win!

With Hiving lotteries, you really win!

Our last lottery was a real success. As promised, we present you the winners, the next prizes and...our future lottery! Be ready!!!

The games are made: the winners of our last lottery are really happy!

As promised, we publish their testimonies and the pictures. We just translated the message of Fabrice, from French to English. Do not hesitate to congratulate the lucky ones!

  • Fabrice is French, he has won the iPhone 6S: “Very happy for the gift received, besides, it was the first time that I participated in the HIVING lottery. Great iPhone 6S chosen in silver color.  Panelist since May 2014.”

 With Hiving lotteries, you really win!

  • John is English, he has won the iWatch: “ When I got the email to say that I had won I thought it was a scam and I did not answer all of your question at first. I had forgotten I had entered the prize draw and certainly couldn’t remember what the prizes were or how many. When your 2nd email came through I could not believe it, these things do not happen to me.  The item posted email finally convinced me I was going to get an Apple sports watch. I have been meaning to change my Android to and Apple for a while now, as my son and daughter both have apple phones, and I could use face time to see my grandchildren. Now I will have to do that earlier in order to use the watch which is just brilliant. Thanks to all of you at Hiving keeping us all interested with the surveys and I will certainly be entering your lottery again you never know Lightening may strike twice. Thanks again” John

 With Hiving lotteries, you really win!

  • Wolfgang is German, he has won the iPad Air...and he has told us nothing...: We just know that he has received his prize since Apple allows us to follow the order until the successful delivery.  For reason of honesty, it was out of the question that Hiving made up a message.

The ball is in our court: thanks to our quiz “lottery prizes”, we know your favorite ones!

Thanks to all of you for having replied to our quiz about your favorite prizes. You were thousands of participants! And thanks for having told us that you would be happy to win...all the prizes proposed!

  • Win money, it is your first preferred prize, and with an overwhelming majority: in average, around 55%: For the 28 countries in our international panel, win cash in the lottery is what would make you the happiest.  Among the quoted reasons: you would love to buy what you want and you would buy gifts for your loved ones.


  • Win electronic products is your second favorite prize: in average, you chose it from 20 to 25%: You loved the prizes of the last lottery, the iPhone 6S, the iPad Air, the Apple Watch. You have also suggested other prizes such as PCs or game consoles.  We have taken good note of your suggestions!


  • Win trips, that's your third favorite prize, in average around 15 %: Weekends on sunny places, weekends in the mountains, weekends at Disneyland, “gourmand” weekends, starred restaurants, Spa weekends...Dear panelists, you have indeed a travelling and dreamy soul!

In the starting blocks: our next lottery will soon be launched. Get ready!

More lotteries! We knew you would be happy to participate in a lottery.  But we have been truly surprised and pleased to see so many of you willing to give your opinion in our quiz about your favorite prizes.  We have understood that you would love more lotteries and we are going to propose them regularly, with more options: international lotteries, lotteries by country in order to have winners in all the panels, lotteries with three of four very nice prizes, lotteries with more modest prizes but in bigger number.

Our next lottery will be launched on February. The participation is free. You just have to register in our panel of online paid surveys.  So get ready! We will announce the launching on our site and the member areas.  

What will the next prizes be? Money? Just one great prize? Again, three prizes? More winners? Suspense, you will have to wait for a few more days!


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