The micro-tasks, a perfect complement to our online paid surveys

The micro-tasks, a perfect complement to our online paid surveys

HIVING offers micro-tasks to complete your participation in paid online surveys. Another way to earn even more money.

HIVING sought long to diversify your participation as active and engaged consumers. When we discovered the micro-tasks, we were immediately fascinated. Many of our panelists are also captivated and make now as many paid surveys as micro-tasks. 

Increase your income with paid tasks

Paid surveys allow brands to get your opinion. They need your opinion to, for example, not making mistakes for the launch of a new product, improving it, understanding what you expect from them.

People who respond to surveys are not only motivated by the rewards. They want to be active and engaged consumers. Giving their opinion is what matters the most.

The micro-tasks ideally complement the paid surveys. Different in content and in the way to achieve them, they allow our panelists to distribute their time of action, according to their own schedule.

The micro-tasks, how do they work? 

Micro-tasks are short playful actions online which have a characteristic: what you do, no robot can do! The involvement of human judgement is manifest.

The micro-tasks are informativeYou may have to:

  • Translate a slogan into another language
  • Find a name for a company
  • Estimate the price of an item
  • etc.

The micro-tasks are engagingYou could:

  • Watch an advertisement and then judge it
  • Moderate images likely to present inappropriate content
  • Report acts of violence or untrustworthiness in videos
  • etc.

The micro-tasks fit your schedule

When the major brands need your opinion, they need it immediately. The launch of a product, the improvement of a service, it obeys to a precise timetable. Paid surveys are part of this logic.

The tasks do not imply this sense of urgency. Do you have a little time? Are there some micro-tasks available? It is you who decide when to participate. Do you want to invest 5 minutes, 10 minutes, more? It is up to you.

Everyone can participate in the micro-tasks. You will never be eliminated if your socio-professional category is not appropriate or because your age group does not match. All profiles are accepted!

Fun micro-tasks

Have fun! As in a game, you cross levels. Level 1, level 2, level 3.

As in a game, your going from one level to the other depends on how serious your answer are and the number of tasks performed.

As in a game, the higher the level, the more the micro-tasks are interesting, diverse and numerous.

Accomplishing micro-tasks, it pays

You earn points whenever you achieve a micro-task. The number of points and the estimated duration of the action are displayed on the list of proposed tasks.

The attribution of points is immediateAs a game counter, the points you earn are displayed a few minutes after participating. It is fun and rewarding!

The more micro-tasks you accomplish, the more offers you get! And of course, the more you play, the more you earn! Philippe D. Namur joined in July 2015 and has won €95 in only 2 months.

Many of our panelists are fascinated by this new activity. Ideally, it complements their involvement in our paid surveys. 

Are you tempted by micro-tasks? Join us now! Join Us



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