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Whether your aim is to develop new products or better existing ones, identify the market’s expectations or just deepen your understanding of it or even if your goal is to find a new point of sale, don't miss out on the benefits that a quantitative survey can bring to your business.

Our precise methods, representative Panels and self-developed technical solutions allow us to offer you a comprehensive service package. This package is flexible and shaped according to your needs. We can be your (i) “One-Stop-Shop“, (ii) supplier of services “A la Carte” or even (iii) your supplier or outsourcer of technical “White Label” solutions.

  • Undertaking the FULL MARKET STUDY: from its conception to its Fieldwork and distribution to the targeted consumers (in 30 countries, within 200 profile criteria), be they prospective clients or those of a competitor and finally to the analysis and operational interpretation of the collected data. Our clients: Market Research Institutes who wish to take advantage of our on-the-ground experience in specific countries (such as China) or outsource a project which needs to be done efficiently. Companies of all sizes, who aren’t externalised or who do not already use Research Institute services.
  • Undertaking a PART OF A MARKET STUDY: is for example the scripting of the study or the programming and translation of a Survey to be published to the consumers, and of course the undertaking of all or part of the Fieldwork itself. Our clients: Market Research Institutes who don’t have their own Consumer Panels at all, are missing a Panel in a certain country or need a larger Panel base to complete a specific Fieldwork. (Eg. Surveying consumers with rare profiles such as young mothers, owners of certain car brands in China or adolescents). Market Research Institutes and Companies of all sizes, in the Internal Surveys Market, who are partially autonomous but don’t possess all of the necessary tools and expertise to create and launch certain surveys.
  • Helping you in SURVEY CREATION, RECRUTEMENT and/or PANEL MANAGEMENT, Hiving will sometimes offer their expertise in recruitment and management methods of double opt-in consumers. Our clients: Market Research Institutes whose clients would like to create a dedicated panel, be that internationally, regionally or locally. This with the aim of periodically surveying a consumer base which matches their client segmentation. Companies who already take on this approach of managing a Dedicated Panel or engaging a Brand Community themselves.

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