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Designing, publishing and running online quantitative surveys for anywhere up to 30 panels is a job that is mastered by few. It requires years of experience and advanced technical skills, without which the results of a survey would remain unreliable and unusable. Choose Hiving and make the most of your results.

The success of Online Quantitative Surveys in many countries caught the attention of stakeholders who didn’t want (or perhaps never got the opportunity) to invest in the technical skills and expertise needed to deliver on their clients expectations.

In China for example, many international groups which are among the biggest users of Online Quantitative Studies elsewhere in the world, have either had to give up or have struggled for a long time to find a supplier.

Hiving is a leading actor in its sector, most notably in ensuring the high quality of panellist recruitment and the execution of its services:

We run a large number of checks, especially in the form of coherence tests on the data we collect. Verification take place with every action taken by the panellist: at sign-up and registration, at every connection on our website joinhiving.com, when they participate in Surveys and even when they convert their “Hiving Points” into cash or vouchers. Our panellists are all, without exception, double opt-in. This means that they will never be asked to take part in a survey unless they are a registered member who has completed their profile and have specifically stated their willingness to participate. All of our external partners are subject to the same requirements and are remunerated based on their performance alone. To guarantee our clients have access to a variety of consumer profiles, such as high-earners for example, we practise a transparent, generous and diversified panellist rewards policy that responds to the many motivations the consumers we recruit might have. We consider it imperative to offer this same level of quality back to the panellists themselves, therefore:

Each country or panel has at its disposition a “Community/Panel Manager” who will respond to questions within 24hrs and welcomes service feedback or improvement suggestions. Hiving respects the commitments it has made to its panellists, this counts especially when it’s a question of compensation for Surveys and rewards for recommending the service to others. All together these policies and methodologies create our individual “Recipe” which is continuously developing and improving. Our clients benefit directly from its success because with it they can expect a Response-Rate of between 30-40% from our panellists. An exceptional result in any light.

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