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If you are looking for fast results and targeted statistical data from representative samples of a geographically dispersed population, then an online survey is for you. Online surveys assure a reliable and accurate result within an affordable budget and timeline.

Surveying consumers Online is the main method of data collection used by Research Institutes and Marketing Professionals today. It is also a key-success-factor which is unparalleled as a decision-making tool.

In North America and Europe, businesses have, for a long time, been subject to the complexity and hyper-competitively of mature markets. Decision-makers have thus had to deal with the heterogeneity across different populations and territories. As a solution, they developed an effective method of segmenting clients which was quickly adopted and which systemised the process of Quantitative Online Surveying. This has allowed a welcome reduction in the use of Phoning and Face-to-Face interviews.

In Asia and China in particular, where competitiveness is increasingly strong despite dynamic growth seen in domestic markets, a new generation of managers have opted to collect their quantitative data online due to its speed of execution, budgetary efficiency and precision.

Here are a few examples of questions which are vital for the future of your company and which an Online Quantitative Survey will respond to better than other methods:

  • How has my brand’s competitive performance changed over time?
  • What equity does my brand have? What price premium (if any) are customers willing to pay for it?
  • Who are my current customers? How can I retain their loyalty?
  • Who are my prospective customers? How can I reach them?
  • Will launching a new product cannibalize sales of other products in my portfolio?
  • What impact have our recent advertising campaigns had on perceptions of our brand?
  • What is the optimal price point to launch a new product?
  • What is the ideal combination of features and benefits for my new product that will command the largest price premium?
  • Which new packaging design do customers like most?
  • What are the specific needs and expectations of customers in a certain trade area?
  • How will my product be perceived in a new market? How should I adapt it to meet the needs of customers across a variety of markets?
  • Will the consumers accept and appreciate the expansion of our brand and range of products?
  • (…)

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