Research Institutes

Since 2009, Hiving is proud to meet and exceed the expectations of the biggest international Market Research Institutes, with the rigour and methodology without which our work would be nothing. We make available to you our Panels made up of segmented double opt-in consumers from all over the world (30 panels, 200 criteria).

He who can do more can do less. Hiving has always been known for its ability to supply “Samples” to its partners, that is to say its ability to complete the tough Fieldwork in countries where there are few panellists or for a rare profile for example.

Hiving has developed on-point expertise not only in the recruitment of panellists but also in profiling and loyalty retention. This expertise has allowed us to meet the quality and practice standards set by the biggest players in the market, such as GfK, Nielsen, GMI and SurveyMonkey (…), and collaborate with them both directly and indirectly.

Hiving strives to follow a path of excellence as it develops and grows. It has become the partner of choice for many Research Institutes, who outsource the completion of entire “Fields” or even for the recruitment of their own panellists.

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