Global Brands

Surveying your current and prospective clients has become a key-step in the innovation process, in evaluating current practices and in decisions to develop in new markets, etc. Thanks to the high quality data that our panellists provide us, we are able to contribute to a business's critical decision-making process.

“Spend a Day in the Life of Your Customers”, advises the Harvard Business Review. Okay, but how do I do that when my clients are spread out across the planet, their consumption habits change constantly and prospective clients interest me just as much as my existing ones?

There aren’t many solutions available today. Amongst these you will find 2 types; those that analyse the data that you possess already – which is generally incomplete or outdated but sometimes revealing of current trends – and the collection of data on demand, which is Hiving’s offering.

Today’s best practise is to use both of these approaches in unison, Datamining (or “Big Data” depending on the quantity of data to explore) on one side and the Online Quantitative Study with representative consumer samples on the other.

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